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Typography For Whoever Will Listen, I Hope

This site that Matt Mullenweg linked yesterday was notable for him because it used WordPress in a unique and novel way but the actual content of Typography for Lawyers is insanely well done in terms of writing and applicable use. I wish that this site had existed when I spent far too much time on a weekly basis translating Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions into something web-worthy from the source PDFs.

The interview linked in the 'About' section of Typography for Lawyers is also an entertaining read. I didn't catch it on the first read through (hey, it's Monday morning and things are broken, man) but, according to the interview,:

Heller: On your website you list a number of books about law writing. Do any of these address typography?

Butterick: Bryan Garner’s books about legal writing touch briefly on typography. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has a great little guide to legal typography on the front page of their website. But I’ve recently signed a contract to turn Typography for Lawyers into a book, so the void will soon be filled.

it looks like Butterick is working on a print version of Typography for Lawyers which is good news since a dead tree version of anything loans credibility to the, um, man and might create some traction to get a text on typography added to law school curriculum.

My personal interest is long finished as I'm already five months away from my last job but, in the interest of making things more readable and less terrible, I'm excited for the potential of making specifically formatted printed matter less onerous to read.

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  1. I use Typography for Lawyers in my work. (I’m not a lawyer; I just work for ’em.) It’s an excellent site. Although, for reasons I can no longer recall, I long ago adopted a fondness for straight quotes, which I can’t seem to shake. (It might have had something to do with passing documents between older versions of Word and WordPerfect.) (I also love parenthesis.)

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