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Haters of Acronyms Rejoice (or Something)

I've long been an enemy of the ubiquity of acronyms because hearing them in coversation (or, god forbid, in more formal workplace communication) with someone operates under the assumption that I'm privy to the same world of overuse to the point of shorthand that someone else is immersed in. Robert Lane Greene wrote a great couple of articles about the consquences (intended or not) of acronym use that I've really been liking a lot.

I hadn't thought of the military branches as the source for much of the acronym soup we currently find ourselves afloat in but it makes a ton of sense given that military organizations tend to be closed organizations with excruciatingly specialized vocabulary that aren't that keen on sharing. If you've ever been the third leg in a conversation between ex-military folks you'll likely know what he means.

The idea of acronym subversion is also pretty appealing. Go check it out. I'm trying to start posting here more often again. Perhaps this is the start.

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