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When I Am Forced I Might

So, I've mentioned that, by and large, I administer and have administered for the past half dozen years nearly exclusive MSFT shops right? Windows Windows everywhere and nary a sysadmin who gives a shit.

I really am kind of indifferent to what actually happens to machines on my network because it is/was constructed idiotically by people either enamored with every new conceptual shiny thing that crossed their keyboard or people who had not the slightest clue what they were doing or why. This doesn't create a whole lot of intrinsic concern for what actually happens because I can't fix it all because it is all wound together like cotton candy on the other end of a hurricane and my users are (largely) rude, stupid, and annoy the fuck out of me about anything changing ever so I've basically decided (consciously or not) to just keep the jalopy running until I can find another means of paying the mortgage. So, I mainly let things go and put out fires (albeit very slowly) when they happen. This saddens me because typically I feel very much responsible for my network and how well its components work together. Not so much these days.

The one joy that I do have is that servers (some of them pretty critically important too) slapped together demolition derby style generate a huge amount of errors. Because of this and because, if nothing else, I am a friend to the master's hand in Redmond I dutifully report each and every error that all of my servers spit out ever to MSFT. Today I had probably 200 java errors of various sorts on one of the file servers and happily hit send each and every time I was prompted to. This are small moments of pathetic joy in an otherwise abyssmal situation.

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