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Now That The ‘I Voted’ Stickers Have Settled At The Bottom of the Hamper

We made it out relatively unscathed in Colorado. Hickenlooper will more than likely be a decent governer and Bennet has not been replaced by that Buck wingnut. We lost a couple here and there but they were largely in districts that are traditionally pretty deep red and given the reactionary tendencies of rural folks this shouldn't come as a total surprise to anyone. Betsy Markey being ousted was a little surprising but I think that has more to do with the party affiliation than performance during time in office. Disappointing but fairly typical. Oh well, it looks like the apocalypse has been deflected for yet another election cycle.

The national picture is less happy but I can live with Republicans only being in control of part of Congress. At least with partial control they cannot persist with the run the ship aground strategy they've employed since Obama took office. It's small comfort but it beats the shit out of the alternative. I'm also a little disgusted that my least favorite orange guy, John Boner, will be shooting his mouth off that much more but I'm hoping that a less polarized (now there is an optimistic term, eh?) Congress will give him less opportunity to talk shit and then recede into the shadows until he can opportunistically jump on every negative event and claim that his party would've done things differently had the Socialists not been in power. Hopefully Boner can tie his own noose.

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