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Domain Consolidation

Lifehacker posted a question about the best domain registrar which reminded me that I have a whole bunch of domains registered with GoDaddy and I fucking hate GoDaddy. This domain was actually registered eons ago with Dotster which was the default registrar for the amazing PureNRG folks (I don't endorse them for the purpose of being paid. They're just awesome but I outgrew them pretty quickly mainly in the bandwidth department) so I've decided to consolidate them all onto a single registrar. I've heard stellar things about 1 and 1 (including a bunch of laudatory stuff in the post mentioned above) so I decided to move everything on over since it was inexpensive and didn't rely on boobs splashed all over the index to market what is essentially a pretty simple service and doesn't (as far as I know) have an outspoken right-wing douche at the helm.

The purpose of this post is to remind myself how to transfer domains away from GoDaddy:

  1. Unlock the domain.
  2. Machete your way through one of the worst administrative interfaces on the planet to get your authorization code.
  3. Sleep better knowing you're a little bit less of lazy bastard and throwing money at businesses who you feel guilty being associated with.

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