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Clipped And Forgotten

I have too many goddamned machines these days and start writing local drafts in MarsEdit only to forget and abandon them minutes later. This is my nature. My WPD (that's words per day for you folks that haven't used one of those horrible pieces of writing software) would be stellar if my computer use wasn't so fragmented and terrible. Plus, Angry Birds in Chrome isn't fucking helping.

Some Things

Oscar turned three. That is pretty weird. He's not even a baby anymore. The thought it makes me have a low key mid-life crisis. We have miniature conversations about super heroes. Weird.

I upgraded a bunch of machines to Lion today. I have a few complaints (now there's a surprise), but they're mainly confined to things like the default scrolling schema (which, by the way, totally blows for the several minutes it took for me to figure out how to stop it and turn my machines back into computers and not iPhones) and the utter inability to properly configure Spaces anymore. I imagine that future updates will address the concerns of folks who depend on some kind of workflow on their computers once the oohs and ahhs have subsided a bit and people return to using computers to get things done and stop spending time thinking about how different the scrollbars look or whatever. I route around brain damage by default so I just adapt however sullenly. I also really hate downloading multiple gigabytes as the default installation method. Even on my stupid fast work connection that amounts to a fair amount of time spent having a staring contest with a progress bar. Fuck that. I don't have a formal opinion on the system wide spell checking quite yet. It's annoying as fuck and I really want to stab my finger at the screen a la iOS, but at the same time it's pretty effective. I'm easily annoyed so my opinion about that particular feature/bug is disposable.

Total Terminal is my new home as it's predecessor Visor no longer works. Strange that it takes an OS upgrade for me to notice that there are new versions of software I use all day on every day. I've never had a complaint with it until it didn't work for me today. Drop one tool and pick up another, I guess. They're from the same developer(s) so that may be a moot statement.

Liturgy is rapidly becoming one of my favorite bands. I'm unsure about transcendental black metal as a genre that I can utilize without cracking up, but their musical output is fucking amazing. The accelerating/decelerating drumming takes a bit of getting used to and is really stunning (in the literal sense and not the 'america's next top model' set sense) live. I talked to a couple of 'em after they played here recently and walked away feeling like they were people I'd like to talk to more. That's the highest recommendation of any band I can come up with.

New job is still awesome and I really dig using AgileZen on a day to day basis. I've tinkered with a huge pile of project management software in the past and always felt like the tool necessitated way too much learning specific to that tool before it was of any use. I had AZ figured out in a few minutes without knowing anything about kanban beforehand. AZ isn't the main product my employer sells, but they're part of the company. I should probably mention that even though I have next to zero stake in selling anything to anyone. I guess mentioning it has more to do with the kanban methodology making sense to me than as a software recommendation. Take as you will with as many grains of salt or cyanide capsules you deem necessary.

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