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The Glacier Moves (A Little)

The Grey Lady has finally updated her stylebook to something that doesn't seem like a 1997 Wired style book and only a dozen or so years later. The MLA guides still seems to favor the stupid hyphen, but the APA is apparently all over this shit like only a couple of years ago. Despite these radical changes geared towards an indifferent audience, the Internet is still a country. Simply amazing. 


That Way No One (In Management) Gets Their Feeling Hurt

Man. As much as I've disliked some of the jobs I've struggled with over the years, all of those places sound head and shoulders above the average employee's experience at Amazon which sounds like an unrepentant shitshow unless you're just grinding your way through a year or two of resume fodder. The OLR thing sounds like a project devised in a Management 101 class to illustrate how dystopian the workplace can get when your plan to defuse office politics actually codifies it formally into a steel cage match that pits you against your manager, other managers, and upper management (carefully distanced via plans, of course) in any hope for promotion. Chew on this craziness:

With everyone reading printouts of a six-page “narrative” detailing the meeting’s agenda. After your boss’s fellow VPs quietly sit and read the pros and cons of your promotion, a debate follows, with various execs weighing in with their own experiences working with you.

The discussions can get heated. Only a limited number of promotions are handed out every year, so if you get bumped up, someone else’s favorite subordinate might have to stand still. Anyone in the room can sink a promotion. Thankfully, you are not present for the showdown.

More than a little Kafka-esque? Does your cheese feel like it's being moved so constantly that now it's just a greasy blur in your peripheral vision? Ugh. 

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This Hooved Thing, It Ushers In The End Of All Of Everything Else

This gives me the fear:

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OpenSUSE and Btrfs?

I can't say that I'm floored by the news/rumor that OpenSUSE is weighing Btrfs as the default filesystem as SUSE has often leaned towards the experimental even when they were selling boxed sets for use on the desktop.

I personally haven't had great experiences with btrfs on desktop machines, but that was mainly due to the lack of tools included in distributions to deal with things like hard freezes and the like. It sounds like OpenSUSE users have already run into this issue in the recent past regarding the lack of file system utilities as dependencies for using the file system. My phobias regarding file systems that aren't JFS aside, I'm glad to see btrfs getting more coverage (and hopefully more help in development and testing) and perhaps is eyeballed by more distributions for potential inclusion. I'm glad that it's happening and hopeful that other distributions that I'd install for purposes other than 'wonder what this looks like these days' will eventually include it in their repositories with a full set of tools behind it.  


I Like This

Since I only seem to visit this place on a semi-annual basis, most of the feeds in my reader are largely skimmed over or just plain left unread. I've grown increasingly platform agnostic and although I still love and use Linux I'm not prone to deep reflection on much related to either its use or development. I'm not a Microsoft fan and never have been despite far too many years supporting their products on the desktop and swearing through gritted teeth at the sloppy incompleteness of their server products. The Microsoft wailing wall isn't the panacea for all that currently ails me in the technology sphere, but this Register article about MSFT's board plotting to push out Bill Gates makes me smile. 

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