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That Way No One (In Management) Gets Their Feeling Hurt

Man. As much as I've disliked some of the jobs I've struggled with over the years, all of those places sound head and shoulders above the average employee's experience at Amazon which sounds like an unrepentant shitshow unless you're just grinding your way through a year or two of resume fodder. The OLR thing sounds like a project devised in a Management 101 class to illustrate how dystopian the workplace can get when your plan to defuse office politics actually codifies it formally into a steel cage match that pits you against your manager, other managers, and upper management (carefully distanced via plans, of course) in any hope for promotion. Chew on this craziness:

With everyone reading printouts of a six-page “narrative” detailing the meeting’s agenda. After your boss’s fellow VPs quietly sit and read the pros and cons of your promotion, a debate follows, with various execs weighing in with their own experiences working with you.

The discussions can get heated. Only a limited number of promotions are handed out every year, so if you get bumped up, someone else’s favorite subordinate might have to stand still. Anyone in the room can sink a promotion. Thankfully, you are not present for the showdown.

More than a little Kafka-esque? Does your cheese feel like it's being moved so constantly that now it's just a greasy blur in your peripheral vision? Ugh. 

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