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The Future Is Huh

I'll admit it (even though I'm easily twenty years older than most people who identify as millenials) -- I've become increasingly apt to just do things that aren't particularly well suited for a four inch screen on my phone. Why? Because doing something on an actual luxury sized laptop would mean waking that machine up, waiting for it to ponderously reconnected to wireless, open the appropriate applications, and then try to remember what I was thinking about when I first touched my laptop. This seems like a lot of steps to employ for a single operation. Ugh.

The NanoDot idea seems like a good answer to the additional problem that plagues what I mentioned above. Despite the fact that you've got an extremely powerful machine albeit in sometimes dauntingly miniature dimensions, if you're not spending the majority of your time at a desk or something you're going to suffer from abyssmal battery life. I slap my Nexus 5 on the wireless charger at least twice during a workday and will see it hit the fifty percent mark by end of day if I haven't. The ability to take a phone from a low charge state to full in a few minutes seems like an exciting alternative and beats the hell out of dragging around (and probably losing) a charger all the time. The only problem: I'd like this in my current phone today, please.

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