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Books I’ve Read Or That I’m Reading

These are all books that I've read recently (recently starting December 2010) and have liked. This list should, in theory, shrink and expand as I read new books and reread the books on this list and decide they're terrible. Everything on this list was read on my Kindle as it's the only effective way that I have of tracking what I read. Dead tree books are good for giving away when you're finished and tend to make my house claustrophobic.

1. Freedom. Jonathan Franzen
2. American Rust. Phillipp Meyer
3. The Corrections. Jonathan Franzen
4. Lush Life. Richard Price
5. Into Thin Air. Jon Krakauer
6. Let the Great World Spin. Colum McCann
7. The Passage. Justin Cronin
8. Sunset Park. Paul Auster
9. Tinkers. Paul Harding
10. Zero History. William Gibson
11. The Ask. Sam Lipsyte
12. Big Machine. Victor Lavalle
13. Super Sad True Love Story. Gary Shteyngart
14. Cathedral. Raymond Carver
15. Room. Emma Donoghue.
16. Sandman Slim. Richard Kadrey
17. The Devil's Alphabet. Daryl Gregory
18. Emma. Jane Austen
19. Await Your Reply. Dan Chaon
20. Blame. Michelle Huneven
21. Into the Wild. Jon Krakauer
22. Darkness on the Edge of Town. Brian Keene
23. The Idiot. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
24. Spring Snow. Yukio Mishima
25. Chasing The Dead. Joe Schreiber
26. The Broken Places. Susan Perabo
27. Invisible. Paul Auster
28. Boy Still Missing. John Searles
29. The Bright Forever. Lee Martin
30. The Imperfectionists. Tom Rachman
31. Heart-Shaped Box. Joe Hill
32. Bad Marie. Marcy Dermansky
33. Water for Elephants. Sara Gruen
34. Oracle Night. Paul Auster
35. A Visit From The Goon Squad. Jennifer Egan